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World’s most advanced shopping technology: Amazon Go

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Amazon has been working on Amazon Go for a while, and it’s finally ready for release on Monday.

Amazon Go will be the first grocery store without cashiers or a checkout line. It is scheduled to open to the public in Seattle on Monday. This is all very exciting, as a new era of shopping may be born.

How does it work?

Amazon Go uses cameras and sensors to monitor customers and charges them for what they take out of the store. It is all based on a smartphone app, which is what actually bills you. It’s been in beta testing for a while, but tomorrow, anyone who downloads the Amazon Go app will be able to enter the store. Amazon has solved the problem with bugs in the system, which were things that happen in every store. The computers would sometimes crash if people moved too fast inside the building, or if products were moved around on the shelves.
Amazon calls this technology Just Walk Out Technology, and you can see their showcase video below:
Amazon uses computer vision and AI to detect when a product has been grabbed off the shelf and automatically adds that item to your virtual shopping cart. If you change your mind, you can just place the item back, and you won’t be billed for that item. Once you walk out of the store, Amazon automatically charges your Amazon account for all of the items you take out with you, and there is no human interaction involved.

System Error

My main concern for this technology is Hackers. This technology could take shoplifting to a whole new level. I’m sure Amazon has worked out security and inventory management at this point, but if people can steal from regular stores, what’s to stop them from stealing from robot controlled stores? Also, it must take a lot of computing power to monitor those customers. Computers mean energy, and energy means money, so would this be the most way to conduct shopping?

We asked a few people for their opinion and this is what they said:

I would hate it. It cuts off human interaction and technology should not take over our lives.

It seems revolutionary, but starting off, there would be a lot of room for error.

So people are pretty sketchy about this, but I guess the future is inevitable, and what will happen is what will happen. I personally don’t know what side to be on because there are both benefits and disadvantages, but one thing I am sure of is this: We can’t avoid technology forever.

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