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The Iceberg Under The Surface: The Deep Web

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The internet is a large place. And just like all large places, there are some sketchy parts of it. Actually, the internet is mostly sketchy. Did you know that only 4% of the internet can be found using Google? The internet can be compared to an iceberg. The part above the surface may seem small, but the majority of the iceberg is hidden deep under the surface.

Deep Web versus Dark Web

Most people get this part confused. It is important to note that the Deep web is the part of the internet that is not indexed, meaning it can’t be found by search engines (Google). It can contain information such as medical records and government resources. The Dark Web is the part of the deep web that is illegal. The Dark Web contains illegal pornography, counterfeit money, drugs, and hitmen networks. You can only access the Dark Web by using special software, such as the tor browser. Generally speaking, both parts are legal to visit unless you do something illegal on them or access the internet with the intent to do harm to others and commit a crime.*

How to access the Deep Web

That shouldn’t be a big problem if you know where you are heading. You can think of the internet as a file cabinet. One cabinet is all correctly indexed and able to be found by just searching for general keywords. The other cabinet is all mixed up, and while the files are still there, you really can’t find anything unless you specifically know what to look for. The next cabinet is filled with drugs and weapons.
Websites can request to not be indexed by search engines such as Google, and search engines usually honor that request. Once they are off of the face of the internet, they can only be found if you know the specific URL. This can be useful if you have information that would be of no interest to the public. 
Examples of indexed sites:
  • Learn The Technology
  • Google
  • Wikipedia
  • Wikileaks
  • Animal Planet
  • Autodesk
Examples of Deep Web sites:
  • PowerSchool student grade book
  • Medical Records
  • Sketchy websites
Examples of Dark Web websites:
  • Find out for yourself. I don’t know.

Too detailed instructions on how to access the DARK  Web:

Before you get started, please promise that you only want to access the dark web for educational purposes. If you use the internet to hurt other people, I won’t like you anymore.

Step 1: Anonymity is key. If you don’t want FBI agents storming through your door, be sure to secure your workplace. Cover your camera with a piece of tape, use a VPN, and if possible, access the Dark Web somewhere far away from your home, like Starbucks.

Step 2: Software. I recommend using tails os, which is designed specifically for this purpose. Google search tails OS and follows the instructions.

Step 3: Tor. Tails os comes with Tor, so it shouldn’t be a problem. For extra security, also use a VPN in case your IP on Tor is compromised. Another thing to note when using tor is to NEVER maximize the screen. This can allow websites to find out what computer you are using.

Now you are all set to do whatever you wish on the Dark Web. Have Fun…

*Not responsible for any damages from this statement.


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