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SpaceX and NASA: Space Age Giants By:Eshaan Mehta

July 8th, 2011. The day our Nation’s Space Program died and SpaceX took over. SpaceX has become the new space agency, leaving groundbreaking agencies such as the ESA, NASA, ASI in the dust. Just today, SpaceX is launching its Falcon Heavy rocket. Its destination is Mars, sending several payloads and even Elon Musk’s own 2008 Tesla Roadster. The Spacecraft will launch from Launchpad 39A, the same launchpad that the last Space Shuttle launched from only 7-½ years ago. Currently, it is the WORLD’S MOST POWERFUL ROCKET. SpaceX has often worked with ways to send people to Mars, perhaps this rocket being their first step.
Image result for Falcon Heavy
Falcon Heavy

Our Space Program has been coming back to its former glory, however. We have just recently ended the Cassini-Huygens Program, ending our studies on Saturn and its Moons after 20 years. Recently, the Orion Rocket meant for future trips to Mars completed its first test flight and is scheduled for a manned launch in 2021. This launch will send astronauts to explore an Asteroid. NASA predicts that within the next 10-15 years we could see astronauts on Mars.  
Image result for Orion Rocket
NASA’s Orion Rocket

The next 20 years of Space Travel and Exploration could be very innovative and productive. With trips to Mars in the near future from both SpaceX and NASA, our dreams could one day become a reality. SpaceX and NASA could define our nest 2-3 decades, maybe even the rest of our lives with their work.

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