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Cardboard Video Game Controllers: Nintendo Labo

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One of the biggest concerns of parents for video games is the lack of creativity. As the technological world advances every moment of every day, many people complain that creativity and logic and cognitive skills dwindle. Keeping that in mind, Nintendo launched a new kit called Nintendo Labo, a kit where creativity meets video gaming. Basically, users are given a kit made out of cardboard. Through this kit, they can make awesome controllers and controller modifications, such as accelerator pedals, small musical keyboards, motorcycle controllers, fishing rods, and much more. Using this amazingly innovative method, Nintendo Switch users can mix the seemingly impossible: creativity and video games. Many specialized controllers cost over $200 for popular consoles like Xbox and PS4. Now users can get kits for either $69.99 or $79.99. The $69.99 kit includes 2 RC cars, a fishing rod, a house, a motorbike controller, and a piano, but other things can also be invented. Not only does this kit offer cheap yet sturdy special controllers, but there is also a variety of items to make, unlike other pricey special controllers that only have one or two purposes. The $79.99 kit includes an epic robot suit. The robot suit can be used with movement of the user’s body to control a robot in a video game. This kit not only blends creativity and video games, but also mixes exercise in the cauldron of physical, mental, and digital materials that the Nintendo Labo kit offers. On the downside, the Nintendo Labo does mainly appeal towards the younger user. However 37% of Nintendo Switch users are under 15 years of age, so the product will most likely be a success. The Nintendo Labo is going to be released on April 20, 2018. With this mixture of creativity, physical activity, and video gaming, hopefully, parents will buy their kids the Nintendo Switch. 

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