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Net Neutrality is back!: Montana becomes first state to mandate Net Neutrality

Montana becomes first state to implement net neutrality after FCC repeal
Ha. Take that FCC. Net Neutrality is starting to rise up again after the FCC shut it down recently. The governor of Montana signed an executive order requiring internet service providers to abide by Net Neutrality on Monday. While Montana is the first state that has done this, I expect more states to follow, and the internet will be free once more. If you haven’t read my article on Net Neutrality, you can read it here.

Democrats have started to fight back by pushing for legislation in Congress that would override the FCC vote, overturning it and implementing laws at the state level. But Republicans, such as Ajit Pai, argue the rules were unnecessary. Ajit Pai is also one of the most hated men on the internet.

The executive order was signed by Governor Steve Bullock and goes into effect immediately. However, companies will have a six-month grace period.

Bullock encourages other legislators in other states to follow his lead and will email a copy of his order if anyone wants it. Maybe the future of the internet won’t be so bad.

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