Jaeheon Shim
Hi! I'm Jaeheon Shim, a computer programmer and technology enthusiast. Here on Learn The Technology, I write about technology and the effect it is having on our modern world. I write about a broad range of topics, ranging from 3D Printing to Cybersecurity.

Introducing Technology Tuesday!

Introducing Technology Tuesday: Where YOU ask the questions.

Have you got a question about tech in your brain that you’re itching to ask? Do you really want to know how your phone works? Have some questions about how to tighten up on internet security? Well, why ask Google and get a simple answer when you could ask me and have an article written featuring you!

Just submit your questions through the Technology Tuesday page, and I’ll answer them thoroughly and publish the answers in a post next Tuesday!

So go ahead and ask your questions. Any question about technology goes! In fact, you even have the option to stay anonymous.

Asking a question does not guarantee an answer.

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