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Hi! I'm Jaeheon Shim, a computer programmer and technology enthusiast. Here on Learn The Technology, I write about technology and the effect it is having on our modern world. I write about a broad range of topics, ranging from 3D Printing to Cybersecurity.


2017 has definitely been an exciting and eventful year. A lot has been accomplished, for better or for worse. Our civilization continues to change and develop in ways that are unpredictable, just like bitcoin. It has been approximately 31,500,000 seconds since 2016 ended, and now we have 2018 on our hands. Your credit cards will expire, Net Neutrality will rot away in its cyber grave, and North Korea will continue to claim they have developed advanced hydrogen bombs. It is likely that we will have an iPhone 11 soon, and even maybe the iPhone 9 they skipped. New companies will start up and possibly succeed, but probably fail. Everyone will grow a year older, and the population will increase. My blog will hopefully get more views and followers.

I hope 2018 will be an eventful year too, a year to be remembered in history as the year when my blog will flourish. I also hope the world will get together and stop bullying each other about nuclear bombs. Its been an interesting year, and I hope 2018 will be similar. (Because if it was the same life would be boring.)

Happy New Year!
Jaeheon Shim
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Note: Sorry about this post being late but I spent new years day on an airplane so you can’t really blame me.

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