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Fold Your Tablet Into A Phone?

Samsung revealed a flexible screen at CES

As most people know, CES 2018 is the newest Consumer Electronics Show where the newest technological innovations are unveiled. Recently, at CES, the major South Korean tech giant, Samsung, released a new OLED (organic light-emitting diode) that is flexible and folds inward like a book. When folded, it functions as an ordinary smartphone but can be expanded into a tablet for more screen. When the second part of the display is not in use, it can function as a touchpad for gaming, or to control other devices. 

Samsung has already developed a flexible OLED screen         Pictured is an idea of what a foldable screen could look like

Pictures of Samsung’s display unveiled at CES

Samsung is planning to incorporate this new innovation into a smartphone that is rumored to be called the Galaxy X. According to Dutch site, Let’s Go Digital, Samsung is going to implement a flip phone design with one of the displays being flexible. Samsung has also registered multiple patents for this design, allowing the phone to fold like a wallet.

A support page for the handset has been spotted online weeks after if was certified by Korean authorities.    

A patent registered for the handset in South Korea. Note: Based on the model number for this handset that is shown on the Samsung support page, because the model number ends with “N0,” this will only go on sale in South Korea, or at least for a short time.

Although Samsung has unveiled the technology, they are having difficulties bringing their new phone to the market. Back in 2015, at CES, Samsung unveiled a foldable display (not nearly as advanced as their new one) but is struggling to turn it into a smartphone. Samsung’s goal is to release the new phone in 2018. Although this may seem like an awesome smartphone that everyone should get, judging by the price of Samsung’s most recent phone, and the cost of this new technology, the price will most likely be incredibly high, and even higher if Samsung continues to fail at finding a good way to manufacture these displays. The price is estimated to be over $1,600 USD. Hopefully, Samsung is able to release this new phone soon!

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