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Fighting Counterfeit Money: The EURion Constellation

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Money is a valuable thing. It governs our purchases, settles disputes, and gets lost easily. But did you know that money actually is not worth more than the paper it is printed on?

Since money is such a valuable thing, the government needs to make sure it cannot be copied. Otherwise, money would not be money. (I think I once heard somewhere that counterfeiting is punishable higher than murder) The government goes through many precautions on the money itself to make sure it cannot be copied, by adding tiny text, invisible images, and watermarks. But did you know that the actual printers also restrict the printing or even copying of bills?

The EURion Constellation is a feature clearly visible on currency. You probably have seen it before. It is a specific arrangement of dots that are similar to the Orion constellation. As you can see in the picture above, the 0’s in the 10’s form the EURion Constellation. Clever.

The presence of these circles are recognized by your printer and tells your printer to stop scanning or printing. One other creepy feature I thought could exist is for the functionality for printers to contact the police in case anyone tries to copy money.

It has also been said that photo editing software such as Photoshop also have the ability to detect these dots and refuse to edit.

This is the opposite of the secret dots printers add to your documents, which I outlined in my previous article. Another one of the secret features manufacturers fail to tell their consumers about.

The details about this EURion constellation are kept very secret in order to prevent people from circumventing it. In fact, the name of the markings may not even be accurate. The name EURion was coined by security researcher Markus Kuhn, who uncovered the design on the 10 Euro Banknote. Patent applications suggest that the technology was created by a Japanese tech firm named Omron, but this is yet to be verified.

It is amazing the way technology is implemented all around us without us even knowing. In fact, there may be other secret measures put in place by the government we don’t know about. We may never know.


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