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Chrome or Windows 10?

Most schools use Chromebooks because they are cheap, easy to use, and secure. But Microsoft challenges
Chromebooks with a Windows 10 laptop that only costs $189.

Lenovo has created a $189 laptop. It’s based on Intel’s processors and is designed especially for schools. Along with a variety of other devices, this device is targeted towards education, to convince schools to not use Chromebooks.

I have used both devices, and personally, think that Microsoft is better. (Sorry Google!) I just find it easier to use, and more compatible with the world’s software. Although Chromebooks can have lots of RAM and fast browsing speed, I like using Windows because of its functionality which meets my needs. I usually program and design models on my computer, so Chromebooks would not be an ideal device.

If you have seen it on the news a while ago, schools are actually using Minecraft to teach their students. It’s ideal for science classes, but can also be implemented towards other classes. Microsoft is planning to release a new Chemistry Update for Minecraft: Education Edition this spring, and it will focus on chemistry such as building compounds and tracking isotopes. I wish my school had let me play Minecraft in class.

Google laptops may still be in the lead, but not for long. Microsoft claims they are serious about education, and Windows 10 laptops may soon replace Chromebooks as the industry standard.


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