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Chroma Keying: The Secret Behind Movies

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Have you ever wondered how movies take place in unrealistic settings where the background is clearly an imaginary world? This is made possible by a technique called chroma keying. In this article, you will learn about how chroma keying works and how you can utilize it in your own creations.

What is Chroma Keying?

Chroma keying is the process of removing a specific color or colors from media. By removing a color from a video, it makes sections transparent and replaceable with any background. 

How is it accomplished?

Since Chroma Key works by removing one color from a video, one would need a solid background color. Perhaps you have heard of a green screen. Although the screen does not have to be green because chroma key software can remove any color, usually green is used because of its contrast to what people are usually wearing. After a video is taken with a background of a solid color, the effect is applied in a software. Personally, I use Adobe Premiere Pro, the top-rated video editor utilized by professionals in the movie industry. Other options include Sony Vegas, or simply iMovie (not the best option). If you want to chroma key at home, I would recommend Adobe Premiere Pro for experienced editors OR Adobe Premiere Elements for beginners. The great thing about Elements is that it has options to increase the complexity of the interface based on your editing skill. Anyway, once the background is removed, any other background can be substituted. 

Blue/Green Screen

There are generally two types of colors used for chroma key. To determine which color to use, movie directors examine the scene to choose. For example, if the color blue is used in the scene, the set would have a green chroma key screen. The same is true for the opposite. One downside of the green colored screen is that green is a more reflective color, so it may not be suitable for some applications.

How do I do this at home?

As I mentioned before, if you are a beginner then you might want to consider some of the software options I mentioned earlier. Obviously, you also need a green screen. Here I have found the best green screen and software at the lowest prices. But wait, it is hard to chroma key when the lighting isn’t even on the green screen. Although it is optional, I highly recommend purchasing a studio light or two. I am also providing a link to an all in one set.
Smaller Screen: 

LimoStudio, AGG1338, Photo Video Studio 6 x 9 feet Green Muslin Backdrop Muslin with Backdrop Ring Holder Clip, Backdrop Stands Not Included

Larger Screen:
LimoStudio, AGG1338, Photo Video Studio 6 x 9 feet Green Muslin Backdrop Muslin with Backdrop Ring Holder Clip, Backdrop Stands Not Included

All-in-one Green Screen and Lighting Set: (Even includes black white and green screens)
Linco Lincostore Photo Video Studio Light Kit AM169 – Including 3 Color Backdrops 

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