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Amazon’s Alexa has unexpected horror effects…

Glitches in Amazon’s Alexa program turn the Echo devices into creepy horror movie props.

A recent glitch in Amazon’s Alexa software causes the Amazon Echo to start ‘laughing’ randomly at random intervals. Many users find this creepy. Although I have not yet witnessed this happening on my own Alexa, I have moved my Echo from my bedroom to the living room. (Just in case). Twitter user @CaptHandlebar is believed to be the first to have noticed these noises and recorded them as shown in the video below:

But @CaptHandlebar is not the only one to witness this creepy side effect of Alexa. Other users have begun to notice these strange noises. @GavinHightower tweets:
Amazon responds to this scary laughter with a statement on The Verge by saying:

We’re aware of this and working to fix it.

Alexa has a built-in laugh effect that triggers when you say ‘Alexa, Laugh’. Amazon believes that the Echo has been mistaking this phrase quite commonly so they will fix this problem by changing the phrase to “Alexa, can you laugh?”. Alexa will also say “Yes, I can laugh” before it laughs to make things less creepy.

Nevertheless, this has been a scary experience for many people. People reported thinking that there was an actual person laughing at them. Think how scared you would be if you were sleeping and some computer started laughing a creepy laugh. Could this be a sign that the robots have been awakened and are starting to take over?

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